Monday, 10 June 2013

Hot Under The Collar About An 8.30am Start!

Linking up with Kristy at My Home Truths for this week's, I Must Confess. It's all about Pet Peeves and those things which really get you hot under the collar!
There's so many pet peeves that I could talk about but I've decided to keep it simple this week. I'll talk about my top 3 things which really get me fired up.
So from my least pet peeve to my top pet peeve, here they are:-

3. Complicated Recipes
I enjoy cooking. I really do. It’s therapeutic and fun. I like marvelling at the end result and get a sense of pride from what I have created. I especially like the eating part. That's probably my favourite bit. I'm not someone who can throw ingredients together and they just taste amazing. I need to follow a recipe or else it actually does taste like ingredients thrown together.
However, I am a simple gal, so the recipes that I usually cook from are fairly short in their steps. You see, any more than about 5 steps and it’s not pretty. I get agitated, frustrated and if something takes too long for me to make, then I lose interest. it's probably safe to say I would never go on Masterchef given those challenges seem to have super complicated recipes that make my head hurt. I think I’m best suited to being quality control and tasting the final products. Look out Matt Preston! Otherwise, keep it simple for Jen. Please!

2. An 8.30am start time at work
I’m not a morning person. I won’t apologise for it. It is just not in my DNA at all. I hate getting up early. I avoid it at all costs. I don’t usually really wake up until about 10.00am and that's after a very strong coffee to charge the batteries up. So having to get up at 6.00am each morning to get ready and catch the train to go to the city, is just not fun at all!! I love the weekend, when I can sleep in and relax. It would be perfect if the work day started at 10.00am. My body even agrees. It naturally wakes up around 9.00am when there are no alarm clocks. Morning people make me sick. It’s not something that I will ever be. Sleep-ins and 9.00am wake up calls are perfect for me.  
And it number 1 Pet Peeve............
1. Taxes
Yep....I hate paying tax of any sort, but more specifically, income tax. I’ve worked hard, damn hard. It’s my money and the government takes it away without my consent. I don’t think I signed anything or we mutually agreed. It's fair to say this arrangement was purely one-sided. Nope...the government just takes and then they go and spend it without consulting me as to how I would like it to benefit the economy. I don’t think I consented to mining taxes, Julia!
I also hate doing my tax at that dreaded time every year. It’s bloody annoying. I hate the whole thing. Making the appointment, going to the accountant, sifting through what I have earnt, receipts to claim and then .......(drum roll)....I either have to pay or get a ridiculously small amount back that will barely cover the groceries!! You know the old saying, ‘there’s two certainties in life, death and taxes.’
There you have it. My top 3 Pet Peeves! I have no doubt you can relate to them.
So tell me, how do you cope with early morning starts? How do you survive tax time and the trip to the Accountants?
Jen xox


  1. I hate taxes too! I'm not entirely sure why I pay an accountant either when I basically hand him all the details on a nicely organised ready to upload to the tax office platter.

    1. That might be your new career calling. Being an accountant! You have done most of the work plus at least you get paid :)

  2. I have to get up early too to get myself and the 3 kiddos up and out of the house each morning. I could cope with this better if they actually let me sleep in on the weekends...however, I have no such luck!!!! Thanks for linking up Jen!

    1. Argh!! I really admire you. I don't know how you do it. At least it's only me I have to worry about. I will cross my fingers that your kids learn how to sleep in. Thanks for having me :)

  3. I struggle with early mornings, especially when I work my nurses shift. My hubby & our accountant do our taxes as I am not good with numbers...any excuse to get out of it.

    1. Yeah....taxes is one job that's good to hand over. If you're a nurse then I really admire you. You do an amazing job fullstop and if you can get up early for shift, then you're a superstar!!

  4. I don't mind taxes (greater good and all that) - would like them more if I could choose where it went but I do hate they that them and then I have to spend a day working out where every bit of paper I received during the year went, do I don't have to pay more tax on the .22 cents I got in bank interest...

  5. Yes..Yes..and Yes!! I agree...taxes are just those things we have no control over. Yet the harder we work, the more we lose :(