Monday, 24 June 2013

Bad habits beware, can't help myself!

It’s an interesting topic this week. Talking about my bad habits. I’m sure if I lived with someone, they would be able to rattle off quite a list. However, given it’s just me, myself and I that live together, I’m claim to be somewhat blind to what you might call a bad habit. Why, well because it’s just me. What is a bad habit to one person, may not be to another. It’s weird like that. So, I’ll dig deep and see what I can come up with.
Of course, I’ve scratched the surface and have found a few. My top three bad habits complete with a life lesson and words of wisdom at the bottom. Enjoy:-

1)      Not making my bed in the morning

 I would love to be one of those super neat people, who manage to get everything done regardless of what is happening in their day. Reality check, it’s just not Jen! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that mornings are certainly not my best time of day. Making it to work on time is on most days, an absolute miracle. Or rather, a chaotic miracle. The fact that I am at work on time, is a miracle. However, actually getting to work on time results in a chaotic trail of mess and untidiness right through-out my apartment.

 It’s fair to say when the alarm goes off, I am very happy to snatch a few more minutes in bed. Especially on these cold mornings. When I make it to the shower, the hot water blasting down on me is so wonderful, I even stay there longer than I should. Sometimes, I manage to eat some porridge for breakfast. Sometimes, it’s a case of grabbing toast from a cafe as I am hurrying to the office. But every morning without fail, the bed doesn’t get made. I’m at the point where I’m not even apologising, it’s a fact and unless the domestic fairy is going to make it, this is one miracle that won’t happen.

 Although, it is weird that I am able to have time for a coffee every morning, isn’t it?

2)      Magazine mounds

I love magazines. I’m not even sure what it is about them that I love. I can’t resist a good headline, latest diet or celebs without make-up feature. There are regular ones I buy every month such as Super Food Ideas, Healthy Food Guide and Good Health. Love them. Only problem is, they do seem to stay around for quite a while. Yes, I can be somewhat reluctant to throw them out. I have this growing pile of magazines in the lounge room, on the dining table and in the study. It never quite gets completely out of control, but I’m sure it goes close.

3)      Not washing my hair

Now, this one may sound gross. But don’t just screw your nose up, just yet. There is a story here and it’s important to hear.
I don’t like washing my hair. It’s curly, so I get away with washing it only a few times a week (and that’s at a push). This isn’t something that’s developed from childhood. This came about because I lost over half my hair several years ago.
I was completing a uni degree part time, working full time, a part time fitness instructor on the side, going to the gym regularly and having a social life topped off with ensuring I gave my family some time as well. It was a recipe for burn out and that’s what happened.
I always had thick, gorgeous curls that were the envy of most girls. Especially when I was a teenager, perms were all the fashion and girls were spending a fortune to get what I had naturally. Everyone commented on my hair.
I was always driven and pushed myself quite hard. Too hard. I started to develop health issues and wasn’t listening to my body. I ignored signs of how I was feeling and pushed even harder. When I wasn’t listening to my body, it screamed at me even louder. As hair isn’t a critical function in the body, it diverts the nutrients to other areas where it’s more needed and hair misses out. My hair was falling out in handfuls and handfuls. As the handfuls of hair came out, the more I stressed, the more I stressed, the more handfuls that came out. I cried and cried, till there were no more tears to cry. I tried doctors, naturopaths, trichologists and dermatologists. I hide inside, learned how to wear hats and struggled to socialise. I lost alot of my confidence. The worst part was people. Some people were dreadful with their comments and remarks.
I began to hate washing my hair. I learnt by not washing it and very carefully combing it, I could minimise what would fall out. So that’s what I did.
To this day, I still struggle now to wash my hair. I even struggle to sit at the hairdresser. I can’t stand people touching my hair or playing with it.
It’s still getting there and slowing growing back. I hope that one day it will be back to the thick maine that I once had. It was a hard experience to go through, but it’s taught me alot. I’ve learnt to stop, breathe and relax. I’ve learnt that nothing is as important as I am and my health. I’ve learnt that taking time out to do what I love, is actually okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s essential for me. I’m no good to anyone, if I haven’t made time for me. I’ve also learnt that I’m much more than my hair. If people can’t see past that, then I have no time for them.

My parting words of wisdom this week are to ensure you take time for you. Don’t get to such a point like I did. It wasn’t living. It was a stressful existence.

Grab your diary or calendar for this week and block in some time for you. Time for you to do what you want to. Let your partner, husband, mother, sister, brother or friend help you out. Insist they do. Do not feel guilty. Repeat after me, I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY.
Drop me a line and let me know how you spent your “me” time! I’d love to hear all about it!

Jen xoxo
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  1. Well said Jen! I can also be prone to not making the bed on those particularly busy days - but no big deal for me on that - I always give it a good fluff up before I hop in! :)

    1. Oh yeah....a good fluff is as good as making the bed. Every day seems busy for me. Ah well.. that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

  2. I'm with you on not making the bed and having mounds of magazines and paper everywhere - I've learned that's how I am! Thanks for the reminder to relax and listen to your body, that's a message that I struggle to take notice of normally. Thanks so much for sharing Jen x

    1. I agree Kirsty, that's how I am. Take me or leave me. Oops...I wonder if that's why I am still single :).
      Sometimes we need a reminder about what's really important. It's easy to get caught up in the everyday. Thanks for having me.

  3. I'm not to the stage that my hair is falling out (much) but you know I think I was really close. I've given myself some much needed time out and only doing the fun stuff when I can manage it. I've gone from not being great at saying NO to hardly saying Yes at the moment. It's what I needed to do and I'm hoping it will help get my health back on track eventually.

    Thanks so much for this post. Just what I needed to hear!

    1. You know what. If that's what you need at the moment, then that's okay. I'm glad you have realised this. Look after your adrenals, they are very valuable. Read up on Adrenal Fatigue and all those tips will help.
      Glad I could help and be a friendly reminder voice :)

  4. Oh goodness Jen, what a tough time that must have been with the hair falling out. You are so right about the importance of me time. Sorry you had to find out the hard way though. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

    1. Love the fair wishes and butterfly kisses. Many thanks. Yeah, it's knocked the old confidence a bit. Although, I learned so much! Thanks for reading.

  5. How awful to have your hair fall out but I know exactly what you mean about getting to the point where enough is enough !
    I don't make our bed in the morning either - I used to be so anal about this and then one day wondered why and I couldn't come up with one good reason to do it - so I stopped !!!
    I have a pile of WW next to my bed that I keep promising myself I will read (they come each month because I subscribed !!!) but never seem to get around to them - am thinking of taking 2 or 3 to Townsville this weekend and can just leave them there when I am finished !!!
    Have the best day !

    1. Definitely take the mags away with you. Love a good magazine read on the plane.
      Who could be bothered with the bed, the Queen doesn't come and visit me. I don't even think I could be bothered if Queenie was coming. At least the bed gets made when I put new sheets on it.

  6. My hair falls out too, but not quite to the degree of yours. That must have been quite distressing. Hope you're feeling a lot better and your hair grows back.

    I rarely make beds either and I don't even go to work, so don't feel too bad!

    1. Ha ha...thanks Ness. The hair thing was awful. However, I can tell you every nutrient that your hair needs to grow! Women should always check their iron levels and your doctor can help with that. Glad there are other un-made bed people out there. Hope all is well :)

  7. Hey I don't make my bed in the morning either. What's the point? I'm only going to get into it again!