Saturday, 2 March 2013

Freaky Fashion Falls: These cringe-worthy moments don’t define you, how you recover does!

Women and girls of all ages love fashion. Our commitment and dedication to fashion plus our desire to snare a bargain drives us to become scary creatures that even we don’t recognise. What’s more, our love of fashion and of snaring a bargain means we sometimes end up with purchases that sit at the back of the wardrobe for ‘maybe I’ll wear it one day’ or ‘I’ll fit into it when I lose some weight’. Quite possibly, we didn’t even need what we purchased however the bargain was simply too amazing for us to do anything other than buy it. But more often than not, we will wear the item even if it’s just once. Purchased justified and we look good.

Ah, that’s right, looking good. Well, it’s fair to say we don’t want to just ‘look good’, we want to look amazing and to look amazing, we need shoes. Possibly the terms shoes isn’t acceptable. We need the most stunning, fabulous and highest pair of stilettos, pumps, peeptoes or anything else that takes our fancy and completes our outfit. Now, I’m going to say it to all the women out there, some of us (me particularly) completely missed the high heel gene. Yep, it passed right over to the next girl and left me wondering whether I would ever be able to walk without falling over and embarrassing myself. That brings me to “The Fall”.

The Fall. Definition by Jenster: An utterly embarrassing and awkward moment that changes the colour of a woman’s face. In the worst falls, they can actually tear ligaments, sprain or break an ankle or other bones. In short, the fall is every gals worst nightmare. It’s that moment when hours of hair and makeup together with the perfect outfit, gets overshadowed by a cringe-worthy moment which people around you always remember more than your dress, hair or makeup. It’s that moment when every gal wants to run and hide. We want to hit the rewind button and erase the moment altogether. Of course these moments can sometimes be helped along with a drink or two or three, but that’s a whole other topic for discussion.
Enter The Recovery. Definition by Jenster: The period of time immediately following the fall. This is the time when we need to recover from the most cringe-worthy moment and continue on. It can be quite a character defining moment. There are those gals who over dramatise the situation and send for ice and chair because the pain is too much. There are those gals who get themselves up and run and hide for the rest of the event. Then there are those gals who get themselves up or better still, accept help from those around them to get up. Once they are up, they simply laugh it off and confidently carry on.
Enter Jennifer Lawrence at The Oscars. Every woman watching cringed at that moment when she fell. Now, I’m not sure whether she fell because of the shoes or the dress or she simply missed a step, but whatever it was she HAD to continue on. She had a gold statue waiting for her. Not to mention all the eyes of Hollywood on her. Let’s face it ladies, most of us could continue on in any situation if Hugh Jackman gave us a helping hand. However, aside from Hugh helping her, Jennifer recovered and continued on with humility and maturity beyond her years. The fact she can laugh about it also suggests a comfortable confidence with herself. Go Jennifer!
Note to all of us ladies out there, that’s how to recover from a freaky fashion fall.

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