Sunday, 17 March 2013

Eggscellent Easter - Why Easter is better than Christmas!

I love Easter. I love it more than Christmas. Shock! Gasp! Apologies to all the Christmas lovers out there.
For me, Easter is such a fun time. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is still fun but on a different level. Easter is Christmas without the steroids, not to mention without all the painful relatives and stressful present shopping. Oh, and one more very important thing, without the cost. Calm down Christmas lovers, Christmas is wonderful, it’s just I like Easter better.

So I thought I would put together my top 10 reasons why Easter is better than Christmas.
10.        You get to eat chocolate.

Look, there is still chocolate at Christmas but there’s also so many other traditional foods which we indulge in. At Easter, you actually have a license to eat chocolate. All forms, all shapes and all sizes. Amen!
9.          The Sydney Royal Easter Show comes into town.

Okay, so this one is specific to the Sydneysiders but for those of you who aren’t a Sydneysider, it’s worth visiting Sydney to experience the Show.  This annual show is a smorgasbord of rides, food, show bags, animals, fashion, gizmos and gadgets. For many, a visit to the show is an annual ritual stemming from their childhood days. My favourite part of the show is the wood chopping. Oh and ladies, the wood chopping will be displaying some mighty fine eye candy this year.
8.          You get four days off work.

Whoohoo!!! Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. See with Christmas, it’s a bit hit and miss with the public holidays. Some years you get four days, some years only three and shock, horror, some years only two! Whereas with Easter, it’s a guaranteed four days every year. Some years, there’s even a bonus day if Easter falls late and around Anzac Day. All this without having to dip into your Annual leave. Really couldn’t be better.
7.          Hot Cross Buns (HCB's)

There’s nothing better than this seasonal tasty treat toasted with butter and jam. I know the fitness freaks and nutrition nuts are cringing right now. They’re yelling out how many calories are in a HCB and how many minutes of exercise it takes to burn off before this doughy delight dimples my thighs. So to them I say, “Dimples come forth, I’ve got 11 months to get rid of you!”. With HCB’s in so many varieties, it’s a guilty pleasure I’m proud to announce I indulge in. Before I move on to the next point, let me be clear, there are no HCB’s at Christmas.
6.          The Easter Bunny

This is the wonderful white fluffy bunny which comes to your house bearing lots of chocolate. Unlike Santa Claus this one doesn’t need any food left out. This is a great thing if you are parents. The Easter Bunny doesn’t find out if you’re naughty or nice. It doesn’t matter what you have been like, you still get chocolate anyway! Okay, the Easter Bunny doesn’t leave you as many presents as Santa Claus. But let me re-emphasise something, the bunny leaves you chocolate. What more do you need? Plus, mothers and children take note, there are no photos required on anyone’s knees. No child tantrums or mothers nagging as they insist on capturing that precious moment with Santa Claus. We all know those moments end in tears for everyone concerned.

5.          No cards need to be sent

How good is this! There’s no need to send any cards at Easter wishing friends and family, Happy Easter. Unlike at Christmas, where this process can be somewhat excruciating. Generally the annual Christmas Card writing process requires several alcoholic beverages and you painstakingly write cards to friends and family, wishing them ‘Happy Christmas’ and ‘All the best for the festive season’ and apologising for the fact it is now the end of year and you simply don’t know where the time has gone. Easter saves you from this laborious task and gives you back these precious moments of time to spend in much more interesting ways.
4.          Easter is cheaper

Unless you are a family which gives presents at Easter, generally the cost of chocolate in comparison to the cost of the average present at Christmas, is significantly cheaper. When you think of all the presents you buy at Christmas, it adds up and makes a pretty big dent in the credit card. Chocolate, by comparison is much cheaper and makes people feel much better.
3.          Chocolate takes up less space than Christmas presents

You know what it’s like. You have received some wonderful (or not so wonderful) presents and then you need to find room to put them all. Quite often, Christmas presents are just shoved in any old cupboard and only dealt with when you have a space crisis. Of course, a space crisis will occur the next Christmas when you face the same problem. The only room chocolate takes up is in your fridge and once you have eaten it, you get the space back. It’s a win, win situation really.  
2.          You don’t have to fake present happiness at Easter

We have all been there. Some relative (or friend) gives you a Christmas gift and it’s horrible. It’s so awful you don’t even think it will make the back of the cupboard. I mean, have you ever been unhappy receiving chocolate? No, not really. Plus, if you have received too much chocolate you simply take it in to work and let your colleagues feast on this delicious goodness. They will love you for it. A little hard to do with a crappy Christmas present.
1.         Easter Egg Hunts

Waking up on Easter morning and finding the Easter bunny has left trail of Easter Eggs which sends you all over the house and backyard. I love it! You are never too old for an Easter Egg hunt. Although things can turn messy if one child finds more eggs than the other child. Enter parents who have to step in and gently assist one child to find those tricky few eggs and hold back the other. With adults, it can turn downright ugly with competitive spirits in full action. It’s better than fighting over the last bit of pork crackling and much more interesting. Santa Claus doesn’t send you on a present hunt. No, this old guy just sticks all the presents’ in one spot. Now that’s not much fun is it?

Happy Easter everyone.

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