Monday, 1 July 2013

There's nothing like the Great Australian Dream!

You know the drill, it's Monday and that means linking up with Kristy of My Home Truths for a little something I suggested....."My Best Experience Ever"...

There’s an old saying, ‘when you know, you just know’. I’ve run with that saying many times. The same with the old, ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’. I’ve tried to apply that logic to all sorts of life situations, jobs, spontaneous nights out, travelling. Oh....except for relationships. That part simply, hasn’t meant to be just yet.

The application of this logic, intertwines with this weeks, “I must confess”. It’s about your best experience ever and well I can only say, ‘when you know, you just know.’ Usually, my best experiences involve travel to some place. I’d hop on a plane tomorrow if I could. Anyway, this post about my best experience ever, isn’t about travel.
I just knew the minute I saw this. It ticked every box. It wasn’t my first time though. I most certainly had done this before. Twice before, to be exact. It was extremely nerve-wracking but very satisfying. And of course, when it was all over, I was very proud.

I know you’re wondering what this best experience is all about. You may have thought this post was on a different track. Why, it’s buying my first place, of course.
I had bought a place with my brother. We went halves. It was quite old, however it was freedom, independence and an asset. This was back in 2004. I scrimped and saved and had to watch every last cent, but it was worth it. We painted, brought new blinds and renovated the bathroom. I was immensely proud.

True love intervened and my brother was off to get married. He brought me out and I moved back home for a while. About a year later, an opportunity came up to rent with a girlfriend and I jumped at it. Let’s face it, being 33 and back at home certainly wasn’t ‘living the dream’. Five months into renting, I jumped onto and came across a new complex of units not far from where I was living. I enquired and went out and had a look. There was one that took my fancy. Did I tell you it was BRAND NEW. Okay, this may have been the major drawcard. It’s funny though, there were a few things which bugged me. Dumb things really, like no window in the bathroom, no linen cupboard and the main bedroom had a small wardrobe. I was worried how I would fit all my things. Still I thought it would be perfect and a great investment. I put my deposit down and applied for a loan.
I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I wasn’t able to get lenders mortgage insurance as the bank thought the unit was overpriced. The builder’s report came back and there were a few things I just felt would be really big problems in about seven years time, ie. No expansion joints in the driveway. I pulled out of that unit. Lost my deposit. Looking back, it was a small price to pay.

I stopped the search for a while, couldn’t really be bothered to be honest. I am a bit of a local paper girl and always read it every week. My favourite bit is browsing the real estate section. I’m a dreamer, you know. Reading it one week, there was a unit which grabbed my eye. Open house was on the Saturday.
Saturday came and went and the social life took priority. Needless to say, I didn’t quite make the open house. The following week’s local paper showed the unit had another open house on the next weekend.

I remember looking at the pictures in the paper and thinking, “that’ll be perfect for me”. I went along and loved it. I knew it was for me. It’s sometimes the weirdest things that sell the apartment. The most important thing was a window in every room. And a linen cupboard and two big wardrobes. Yes, Yes and Yes!!! Not quite Carrie wardrobe style though Oh, it was renovated so I didn’t need to do a thing.
Long story short, I bought it. It’s been almost 2 years and I love my unit. My home, my bricks and mortar, my piece of the great Australian dream.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of owning your own place. Look really, the bank owns most of it, however you get the idea. At least when I don’t want to go to work, I know that every pay check gets me closer to owning it. It’s a good motivator. Alright, it’s better than good, it’s a brilliant motivator.
I know I’m lucky. Not everyone has this opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I worked long and hard, working two jobs and sometimes three jobs to get it. I’m very thankful and grateful.

It’s the best experience because it’s something that’s truly mine. It represents my hard work, my piece of domestic bliss, my haven and most importantly, my space. Space to do what I like, when and how I like it.
So tell me, what does your home mean to you?

Jen xoxo


  1. Great story Jen - so glad you found the perfect place for you! We've just offered on a property after a few years of searching and it will mean the world for us to move in and call it our own. Thanks so much again for linking up!

    1. exciting for you Kirsty. Crossing my fingers for you and hoping to hear great news!!!

  2. I totally get this !!! We rented when we first moved to this country but I never really felt settled in the rental. Then when we first looked at this house I may have muttered a few nasty things about the real estate agent under my breath as it didn't have what I had specifically asked for. After many discussions between A and myself, we decided to put in an offer on it and landed up buying it. I have always said I am not moving again - I have lived in 4 houses in my life-time (including the rental) and I said I was going to leave this house in a coffin. Things have changed and now we are looking to buy acerage - so I may have to move again but I love owning (or the bank does anyway) our own home and can't wait for K to find a place to buy. She is saving (although I think that is for travelling more than home buying) but at some point I think she will and I hope that she is as happy and successful as you have been !
    Have the best day !

    1. Acerage sounds very exciting!! Thanks so much for your words. I'm sure K will be every bit as happy and successful as me. It's crazy how things just work out. xo

  3. You are so right. When you know, you just know and owning your own walls is a wonderful experience. I didn't even need to walk into our shoebox to know it was perfect, just from looking at the paper and driving by I knew it would be perfect for our knew home. Seven years later and I have not doubted that once!

    1. Fantastic story about your "shoebox"! It's created so many memories for you and the family. Your instinct and intuition was spot on :)

  4. Yep ... I felt like that about our house! Just knew I wanted it! Truth be told it's a bit of a money pit, it has stuff all storage space & we will likely be renovating til we die, but there's just something about it that works for us!

    So glad you found the right one for you - it's a great feeling!! :)

    1. It might be a money pit but it's yours. There's also something satisfying about renovating, even if it takes you years. Mum and Dad are still going after 39 years in my childhood home. So don't feel bad, it never stops :)